TA Cops Arrest 3 in Nightclub Guard's Murder

Police have arrested three suspects in last month's murder of a security guard at Tel Aviv's Golda nightclub, and all three will be indicted today.

The suspects were arrested weeks ago, but a gag order on the arrest was lifted only yesterday. They are Mohammed Badir, 28, who is suspected of being the actual killer; Ayman Taha, 27, who allegedly drove the getaway vehicle; and Wissam Arar, another security guard at the nightclub, who is suspected of giving the first two information that helped them carry out the crime.

Police believe the incident began almost two months ago, at the height of Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, when Badir and Taha, both from Kafr Qasem, visited Golda one Friday night with some friends. A young woman complained to the guards that a member of the group was harassing her, and the guards asked the group, all of whom were drunk, to leave. That sparked a brawl in which three of the friends from Kafr Qasem and two guards - including Alexander Pozvedsky, 27 - were injured seriously enough to seek medical treatment.

However, the guards waited until closing time before taking a cab to Ichilov Hospital, and during that time, Badir and Taha allegedly collected pistols and returned to the nightclub, where - having allegedly been tipped off by Arar about the guards' plans - they waited outside until the two left. They then followed the cab that took the guards to the hospital.

When the cab stopped at the intersection of Carlebach and Hashmonaim streets, Badir allegedly got out of his car and fired several shots at the cab. He and Taha then fled the scene. Pozvedsky was mortally wounded and died soon afterward. The other guard and the cab driver suffered moderate wounds.