Three Syrian Tanks Enter Demilitarized Zone in Golan Heights

Tanks cross into Beer Ajam village, only several kilometers away from Israeli border; IDF lodges complaint with UN.

Three Syrian tanks on Saturday crossed the demilitarized border in the Golan Heights, only several kilometers away from the Israeli border.

The tanks entered the buffer zone on Saturday afternoon, when Israel Defense Forces soldiers identified the Syrian tanks near Beer Ajam village in the Syrian-controlled central Golan Heights.

Following the unusual incident, the IDF heightened its alert level in the area and lodged a complaint with the United Nations.

The fighting in Syria has recently started approaching closer to the Israeli border.

In July and September, numerous mortar shells fired by the Syrian army landed in the northern Golan Heights. An IDF source said that the shelling was intended to hit the rebel forces, and it landed in the demilitarized zone as a result of a miscalculation of the Syrian forces, who are located in a village not far from the border.

At that time, the IDF also lodged a complaint over the violation.

Due to the heavy fighting in Syria, the IDF has recently reinforced its border fence along the Syrian border in the Golan. 

In addition, the IDF dug a wide trench to prevent vehicles from approaching towns. The various areas that have been identified as sensitive fall within the sector of the IDF’s 36th Division.

The IDF fears that terror organizations will take advantage of events in Syria taking place in the Golan and will attempt to attack Israeli communities near the border.