Swimming / No Israeli Medals, but Plenty of Records

Israel's best swimmers managed to reach the semifinals while setting national records.

The Israeli delegation to the World Short Course Championships in Dubai will return home after failing to reach the final round in any of the tournament's competitions over the weekend.

Gal Nevo- Reuters- Dec. 17, 2010

Israel's best swimmers, however, managed to reach the semifinals while setting national records.

Amit Ivry was 0.02 seconds short of reaching the finals of the 100-meter women's butterfly yesterday, registering a time of 57.22 seconds. Ivry finished the semifinal in 10th place, and also missed out on setting an Israeli record.

Guy Barnea finished the men's 50-meter competition in 10th place with a time of 23.93 seconds. The result is a 0.02-second improvement on his previous high-water mark, which he registered two years ago at Manchester.

Gal Nevo completed the 200-meter individual medley preliminary in ninth place, falling short of the final. Nevo, however, came away with an Israeli record of 1:55.43. In the 100-meter medley, Nevo finished in ninth place (54.20 seconds ).

Meanwhile, American swimmer Ryan Lochte continued his assault on the record books, setting a new mark of 1:50.08 in the 200-meter individual medley. That showing comes 24 hours after Lochte broke the world record in the 400-meter individual medley.

"I just focused on going out faster than the rest of the field," said Lochte. "When I was doing backstroke I looked up on the screen and saw I was in front of the World Record line. That really motivated me for the breaststroke and freestyle."