Suspected Peeping Tom on the Prowl at Tel Aviv University

Four incidents of sexual harassment committed in the same manner have been reported to student union.

Four incidents of sexual harassment on campus have been reported to the Tel Aviv University student union in recent months. The incidents were all committed in a similar manner, in which a stalker attempted to photograph women in toilet stalls in women's restrooms at the university. The most recent incident occurred two weeks ago.

Various campus officials believe that the actual number of incidents is greater than the four reported cases. The chairman of the student union, Shahar Botzer, said the recurring nature of the incidents suggests that they were committed by a serial offender or group of offenders. The student union accuses the university of not significantly increasing security around campus restrooms, but the university has said in the absence of information sufficient to identify a suspect, it has not been possible to identify an offender, but campus security patrols have been instructed to step up their vigilance and presence around women's rest rooms.

A university spokesperson also said that after each reported incident "security patrols were sent to the scene in an effort to locate the offender and investigate the circumstances of the incident. The restroom facilities where the [acts] were committed are protected in a manner that would prevent a repeat incident." The university also said the incidents were reported to the police, who were asked to help identify the offender.

In the most recent incident two weeks ago, a woman reportedly entered a restroom on the ground floor of the university's Recanati School of Business Administration one evening when she said she saw someone stick a cell phone with a camera through a restroom window shade. She said she tried unsuccessfully to close the shade when she saw what was happening.

Botzer met last week with the university's director general and campus security officials. He said he was told that the university had contacted the police on the matter, but the police said they did not have sufficient personnel to deal with it.