Suspect in Alperon Hit Held for 5 More Days

The leading suspect in the murder of crime boss Ya'akov Alperon was yesterday remanded in custody for five more days by the Tel Aviv District Court.

The court overturned a Magistrate's Court ruling a day earlier, releasing alleged underworld kingpin Amir Mulner to house arrest.

A police representative told the court yesterday that the police feared a gangland war in the wake of Alperon's murder. Mulner, who specializes in explosives, is directly involved in a major case now under investigation by the Tel Aviv Police's Central Unit, he said.

He said that Mulner, who was arrested last week in a police raid on a Ramat Gan residence, was meeting several of his associates to prepare more strikes against other crime organizations and to plan their defense following Alperon's murder.

"We have reasonable doubt about a dispute between the respondents and other people that requires preparations for self defense and preventive strikes," said First Sergeant Ya'akov Bernard.

Mulner and some 20 associates who were arrested, "needed the gun that was caught in their possession for immediate action," Bernard said.

Police confiscated the security cameras in the house on Be'er Ora Street, which documented Mulner at the meeting with men allegedly belonging to the Ramat Amidar crime ring.

Some of the men are seen attaching a silencer to a gun, which was captured with them, while others hid a jerrycan near the house's yard. They were unaware that they were being watched by detectives, who already had an arrest and search warrant ready. The photographed footage is the main evidence in the case.

Mulner's attorney said the arrest was a tactical police move that infringes on the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty merely because the suspect's name was Mulner.