"Why didn't they stage a confrontation among the three officers who chased after Asleh together? They should have continued to press the point," Jabareen said.

Asel Asleh, of Arabeh, participated in a protest by residents of the town near the Galilee city of Sakhnin on October 2. Asleh was active in the Seeds of Peace movement and participated in various activities to promote Jewish-Arab coexistence.

When the three officers were assigned to arrest rioters near Lotem Junction, Asleh was among those who fled the scene. According to eyewitness accounts, he slipped a couple of times and then fell in a nearby olive grove. The officers approached him and found him already shot. They left, and Asleh was evacuated by friends. He died at the Nahariya Hospital.

Asleh's case occupies two large binders, including the three officers' testimony before the Or Commission, ballistics documents and notes from the PID investigation.

Sources close to the investigation told Haaretz last week that the investigation reached a very advanced stage before coming to a halt over the refusal by Asleh's family to exhume his body in order to extract the bullet for tests.