Survivor of Shooting Attack: It's a Miracle We're Still Alive

Hamas yesterday claimed responsibility for a West Bank terror attack Wednesday night that left two Israelis wounded. The attack was the second in two nights. The first, a shooting attack near Kiryat Arba that killed four Israelis, was also claimed by Hamas.

Moshe and Shira Moreno of Ma'aleh Efraim were traveling in their car on Route 60 east of Ramallah when gunmen fired at them from a passing car.

Moreno, who was behind the wheel, said it was a miracle he and his wife survived.

"I signaled to the driver that he was bothering me and that he should overtake us but he took a long time to respond," Moreno told Arutz Sheva. "Then, as we came around a bend, he came past me and the shooting started, at point blank."

The terrorists fired continuously, hitting the car door at least 10 times, before an apparent weapons malfunction allowed the victims to escape from their overturned vehicle, Moreno said.

The couple crawled out from under their overturned car and fled into a ditch beside the road.

"The police told me the driver's door was riddled with bullets. Only one of them hit me in the thigh," Moreno said. "I felt I was losing blood, we called the police which seemed to take a very long time to come. I called a friend of [Defense Minister Ehud] Barak and told him to send the army because the police weren't coming."

Moreno was hospitalized in Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center. His wife was released after receiving treatment for bruising.