Survey: Majority of Americans Still Strong on Israel

NEW YORK - Fifty-six percent of Americans view Israel as a strong and trusted ally of the U.S., with a similar number agreeing that Israel is serious about wanting to reach an agreement with the Palestinians.

Among Americans who believe that the chances for peace have declined, 47 percent blame the Palestinians, whereas 23 percent say that Israel is responsible.

The figures are from a poll conducted by the Anti-Defamation League among 2,000 adults in the U.S. between October 6 and 19, the results of which will be released today in New York.

The pollsters note that the figures show that support for Israel among Americans is strong and steady.

When asked where their sympathies lie, 45 percent of the respondants said that they are for Israel, and 16 percent said they prefer the Palestinians.

However, 42 percent said the United States should cooperate with 'moderate' states such as Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia even at the expense of relations with Israel, while 35 percent said that Washington should cultivate srelations with Israel even if it weakened America's relations with the Arab world.