Storms to Give Way to Scorching Weekend

The cold and rain of the last few days may have made it seem like winter has arrived, but wait for it.

The weather will get much hotter over the weekend, with temperatures expected to rise to 30 degrees Celsius in the north and coastal region.

The abrupt turnabout is due to hot winds blowing this way from Saudi Arabia, the Meteo-Tech meteorological services company said yesterday. The seasonal confusion is characteristic of this time of year, although the change expected this week is more extreme than usual.

The Water Authority said yesterday that the Hermon region was the part of the country that saw the most rain between Friday and yesterday - 270 millimeters - resulting in up to 40 million cubic meters of water heading toward two Jordan River tributaries.

The flow of water in a third tributary, the Shanir stream, increased 20-fold in the last few days, setting a record for the strongest flow in 23 years.

The water level in the Kinneret rose by 8.5 centimeters over the last few days.

The recent rainfall constitutes 35 percent of the average annual rainfall in the western Galilee.