Storms Set to Lash Country Over the Weekend

Strong winds and heavy rains are expected to lash the country as of this morning. The Metro-tech metrological company said yesterday that winds will get up to speeds of 50-100 kilometers per hour.

The rain that began to fall last night in most parts of the country will get heavier over the weekend, with 100-150 millimeters of rain expected in the north of the country and 50-100 millimeters of rain in the center of the country.

A heavy haze will hit most of the south and sandstorms are also expected.

More snow is expected to fall on Mount Hermon, and possibly also on the higher peaks in the Golan Heights and the north of the country. Tomorrow will see temperatures fall even further, with a light dusting of snow possible in hills in the center of the country, as well as Jerusalem, though it is not expected to stick.

The wind and rains will ease off somewhat toward tomorrow evening, but another bad weather system is expected to move in again on Sunday.