Storm Exposed Ancient Treasures and Arms

The severe storm that hit the country two weeks ago caused considerable damage to archaeological sites along the coast, but also uncovered some long-buried artifacts.

This weekend, two divers exploring the underwater archaeological park off the coast of Caesarea discovered that the storm had laid bare a whole new section of the sunken Herodian port that had previously been covered by sand. In it, the divers said, they found seven anchors from various periods, carved marble pillars and dozens of ceramic shards from various periods.

storm - Amar Yunis - December 27 2010
Amar Yunis

But they also found something else: a cache of some 20 grenades and other armaments that had apparently been there since the days of the British Mandate. Police sappers were called to deal with the weaponry, and they in turn called in the navy, which is due to defuse the grenades in the coming days.

A few days after the storm, Israel Antiquities Authority personnel in Ashkelon found a Roman statue of a muse that had fallen off a crumbling cliff without suffering any damage whatsoever. The storm also uncovered ancient buildings at various sites - but damaged them in the process.