State Prosecutor: Don't Name TA District Attorney

Outstanding negligence probe of one of the candidates would deny her a honest chance at the position.

State Prosecutor Moshe Lador is urging the committee that will choose the next Tel Aviv district attorney to postpone its decision - originally due to be made Wednesday - until a disciplinary probe of one of the candidates is concluded.

Ariela Segal-Antler may be subject to sanctions over her role in the trial of former minister Haim Ramon. State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss cited her, as well as three other legal officials, for "substantive negligence" in the case.

Ariela Segal-Antler - Moti Kimche - Aug 25 2010
Moti Kimche

In a letter sent Monday to Civil Service Commissioner Shmuel Hollander, Lador implored him to postpone the committee's decision in order to allow Deputy Attorney General Mike Blass to determine whether Segal-Antler should be disciplined for her conduct in the Ramon case.

Lador told Hollander the process of naming a new Tel Aviv district attorney would be sullied if one candidate was denied a fair chance due to outstanding disciplinary issues. Blass appealed to Hollander to postpone the decision as well.

Hollander has thus far refused these requests. Nonetheless, Lador is expected to personally urge the committee to postpone its decision when they meet on Wednesday.