State: Father Planned Daughter's Murder Coldly

Assaf Goldring, who admitted to strangling his 3-year-old daughter Noa, is a "cold, meticulous man" who was "well aware of his actions," the prosecution told the Ramle Magistrate's Court yesterday, as it made its opening statements at a preliminary hearing.

Goldring will be charged within two days, the prosecutors said.

Despite defense claims that Goldring was mentally unstable and unaware of his actions when the killing took place, the prosecution said the murder had been thoroughly and rationally planned.

"There was almost a chilling ritualism to it. He put the girl to sleep, he wrote a letter detailing his motives, he took plastic wrap, folded it up, and suffocated the girl with it," said Superintendent Micha Levin, head of the police Central Unit's homicide division. "He made sure she was dead, cleaned her up, changed her clothes and then just sat there waiting to be found."

At his first interrogation, Goldring told police he used plastic wrap rather than his bare hands "to keep her beautiful and pure."

Prosecutors also noted Goldring, who was in the process of divorcing Noa's mother, Lisa Michaeli, changed his and his daughter's life insurance policies the day before the murder.

"The medical opinion we submitted to the judge today is signed by five psychiatrists, who examined the suspect over the last 10 days. It describes an individual who is cold, meticulous, and was well aware of his actions during and after the killing. He has a narcissistic personality, and he carried out the killing out of frustration and rage," Levin said.

During the hearing, police requested that the court order Goldring to remain handcuffed at all times, so that he could not attempt suicide.

Goldring already did so twice, once at the scene of the murder and a day later at the hospital where he was brought for psychiatric checks.

The court refused to so do, but said the Israel Prison Service, which took custody of Goldring yesterday, would be free to make its own decision.