State Botched Charging Abutbul Victim Fee

The Tel Aviv District Court yesterday chastised the prosecution for failing to ask the court to impose compensation fees for the victim's family on a convicted murderer.

The prosecution tried to explain its failure to order Francois Abutbul, who was convicted of murdering Ra'anan Levy some two months ago, to pay compensation. But a source familiar with the case said the prosecution had forgotten to ask for compensation.

Cousins Francois and Avi Abutbul were charged with killing Levy near a night club in Shefayim in 2004. Two months ago, the court convicted Francois Abutbul of stabbing Levy and sentenced him to life.

The court ruled that Avi Abutbul, who had been sitting in the car when Levy was stabbed, was not a partner to the murder, but convicted him of conspiring to commit a crime and of grievous injury.

In yesterday's court session on Avi Abutbul's punishment, the prosecution asked for a seven-year sentence as well as financial compensation to Levy's family. The prosecution did not ask the court for compensation from Francois Abutbul, who had already been convicted.

The judges said that requesting compensation from one defendant and not the other was discriminatory.

Prosecutor Nava Toledano said they didn't want to add more injury to Francois' life sentence.