The Forgotten War A Year Since Gaza+

One year after Operation Protective Edge, Haaretz sends its top writers to examine what has changed since the 50-day conflict between Israel and Hamas, and to ask whether – or when – the next war will erupt.

It's been one year since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, the costly military campaign that claimed the lives of 73 people on the Israeli side and over 2,200 Palestinians.

Since those 50 terrible days of fighting between Israel and Hamas, there have been negligible strategic gains. Sporadic rocket fire from the Gaza Strip has resumed, as have retaliatory Israeli airstrikes. Billions of dollars in aid promised by the international community to rebuild Gaza remain just that – promises. Lessons have been ignored, victims largely forgotten.

On the anniversary of Operation Protective Edge, Haaretz takes an in-depth look at the past, present and future and asks: If we don't learn from our wars, are we doomed to repeat them?

Editor: Jillian Jones

Read the articles here:


There's no escaping Gaza, Anshel Pfeffer f

Israel, one year later

The last Gaza war – and the next, Amos Harel f Israel's deceptive diplomatic success, Chemi Shalev f The campaign that forgot about Gaza, Anshel Pfeffer f Have Israelis really forgotten so quickly? Judy Maltz f

Gaza, still in ruins

Life in the ruins of post-war Gaza, Khaled Diab f The broken promise to rebuild Gaza, Zvi Bar'el f How Hamas holds onto power, Amira Hass f


Still eyeless in Gaza, Chemi Shalev f
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