New Song Lambastes Israeli Arabs in the IDF as 'Traitors'

Singer Mira Azar asks Bedouin, Druze and Christian Arabs, 'Tell me, are you satisfied with yourself?'

A Palestinian singer released a song and video last week that takes aim at Bedouin, Druze and Christian Arab soldiers serving in the Israeli army.

Titled "Tell me, are you satisfied with yourself?" the song by Mira Azar was released last week by Ehna TV, a Palestinian media group.

The song accuses the soldiers of treason, asking them, “How can you raise your weapon at your brother?”

In the video, Azar stands in what appears to be ruins of a Palestinian village.

The video also shows images of Palestinian men being prevented from praying at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, black-and-white footage of Palestinian refugees, women holding images of murdered Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir, Israeli security forces and Palestinians clashing and images of Gaza being bombed.

“Tell me, have you seen the pictures? Tell me, have you heard the news,” she asks in the song. “And still you want to serve?”

Earlier this year, the Israel Defense Forces said the number of Arab Christians enlisting had increased, although their number is still minuscule, as is that of the country's Bedouin population. Israel's Druze community has served in the army since the establishment of the state.