Son of Slain Chabad Emissaries to Mumbai Succumbs to Tay-Sachs

The 4-year-old son of the Chabad emissaries who were slain in last month's terrorist attacks in Mumbai died yesterday of Tay-Sachs, a congenital illness that is invariably fatal.

Dov Be'er Holtzberg had been hospitalized in a long-term care facility in Jerusalem for years, and was therefore not in Mumbai when his parents, Gavriel and Rivka, were killed in the assault on their Chabad House.

Rivka's parents, who live here, had been looking after him while his parents were in India.

Dov Be'er passed away before dawn and was buried yesterday on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives cemetery, in the same plot where his older brother, Menachem Mendel, was buried a few years ago after dying of the same disease, and where his parents were buried earlier this month.

His death leaves only one remaining scion of the Holtzberg family - 2-year-old Moshe Zvi, who was rescued by his Indian nurse from the carnage in Mumbai and is now living with his grandparents, Yehudit and Shimon Rosenberg, in Afula.

The nurse, Sandra Samuel, is also living with them.

Today, a mass "unity rally" is planned for Jerusalem's Sabbath Square to mark the shloshim, or 30th day, since Gabriel and Rivka were buried.

The rally, organized by Chabad, will be attended by representatives of all the various ultra-Orthodox sects, some of which have hitherto been bitterly opposed to Chabad.