Soldier Suspected of Abetting Rightists Released From Detention

Paratrooper Amichai Zoaretz was arrested by military police on suspicion of disclosing information to rightist extremists who organized riots at a West Bank military base last month.

One of two soldiers arrested this week on suspicion of passing military information to right-wing activists in the West Bank was released from detention yesterday.

Paratrooper Amichai Zoaretz, of Paratrooper Battalion 890, was arrested earlier this week by military police on suspicion of disclosing information to rightist extremists who organized riots at the Ephraim Brigade headquarters in the West Bank last month.

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Shiron Granot

He maintained his right to remain silent during his interrogation.

Another soldier from the Golani Brigade was detained over similar suspicions on Wednesday.

Zoaretz' attorney, Aharon Rose, said his client denied the charges against him and said no evidence had been shown of the offenses he was suspected of.

Zoaretz' Facebook page features strong anti-Arab and anti-leftist sentiments. At the end of December, he wrote on his Facebook page statements such as, "I've come to the conclusion that the Maccabees were today's 'price tag,'" and "Brutal death to all leftist traitors and to our Arab enemies."

In August he wrote, "Revenge! May all the Arabs and leftists protecting them burn. With every passing day everyone knows Rabbi Meir Kahane was right."

After the rightist extremists' riot in the Ephraim Brigade headquarters, Zoaretz wrote on Facebook, "Today they're going to evacuate our home on Hill 18. May the name of everyone who takes part in the eviction and destruction of the Land of Israel be blotted out!!"

Zoaretz' Facebook page, which previously featured the clenched fist emblem identified with Kahane's outlawed Kach movement, later boasted the B'Tselem human rights group logo. Zoaretz supported acts of revenge against Palestinians and leftists and wrote, "Shortly we will go out to the hills. Maon farm here I come ... revenge on the Arabs," and, "Kahane was right!!! Punishment to all the leftists who help Arabs and destroy the state!!!"

During Nakba Day events, upon which Palestinians commemorate what they refer to as the "catastrophe" of the founding of the state in 1948, he wrote, "May they allow killing Arabs in this country. That's what Nakba Day is for ... A good leftist is a dead leftist!"

Rose said Zoaretz' statements on Facebook "have nothing to do with the suspicions against him. I see no relevance in it."