Sodomy Suspect Released to House Arrest

A man suspected of sodomizing and otherwise sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled woman, was released to house arrest yesterday by the Magistrate's Court in the Krayot near Haifa. The prosecutor, who agreed to the release, said "the circumstances do not require detention." Although the suspect, Sinai Tal, admitted to the acts and said they were consensual, the State Prosecutor has not yet decided to indict him.

Sinai, a friend of the woman's family, was arrested about 10 days ago, after he allegedly attacked the victim in the apartment her parents had rented for her so she could have a sense of independence. When the attack became known, the woman said Sinai had also attacked her a year and a half ago. According to the suspect, that incident was also consensual.

"That scum should be behind bars," a family member said in response to the court's decision. "But they let him out because the prosecution failed and this is a retarded girl," the woman's aunt said. About 30 people from an organization fighting sexual attacks on the disabled protested during and after the hearing, criticizing the prosecution and Judge Rama Laufer-Hasson's decision to release the suspect.

The State Prosecutor's Office said, "due to various considerations and under the circumstances of the case at this time there is no need for detention.