Soccer / Grant: 'An Empty Trophy Cabinet Will Be a Problem, but We Can Still Win Two Titles'

"Jose Mourinho won both the Carling Cup and FA Cup last season, and that wasn't enough to save him ... So if [Avram] Grant wins the Premier League or Champions League with Chelsea this season, he will still have a job," Alan Hansen wrote in an column that appeared in The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

Most English newspapers agree and claim that only by winning at least one of these important trophies will Grant be saved. Even the coach agrees.

"If the trophy cabinet stays empty, it will really be a problem," he said. "I am responsible for what happened and it definitely was not good. Even though we had injuries and the pitch was terrible, we needed to beat Barnsley. I still believe that we can win two titles."

The Guardian claimed that Frank Lampard asked to play against Barnsley, but Grant thought that the club could manage without him and saved the midfielder for tomorrow's Premier League match against Derby County.

Also yesterday, Nicolas Anelka came to Grant's defense and said that the loss in the FA Cup stemmed from the players.

"The tactics were right," Anelka said on Chelsea's official Web site. "The criticism must be about the players because we didn't play well and we have to accept the fact. We know the media will be after the manager but you know as players when you played well and today we didn't.

"We knew it was going to be difficult because they played with their lives and everyone in the dressing room was determined to win this game. Sometimes in football, things go wrong and you have to accept it."