Soccer / English Premier League / Benayoun: 'I'll Be Ready When Needed'

Liverpool fans vote him star performer

Yossi Benayoun was interviewed by Liverpool's official Web site following his match-winning goal against Wigan in an English Premier League match on Saturday.

"If the manager says I can make a difference then I believe him, but I'm here for a reason and that's to provide moments like that," said Benayoun, who was also voted the star performer of the match in the Web site's poll.

"I'm really happy to score but that doesn't matter so long as we get the results ... It was an important goal because if we'd have drawn, there would have been a lot of pressure on us."

Benayoun said that he had no problem with coming in as a substitute, scoring and contributing. "You have to be ready for everything here and I am. We have a great squad, full of talented players, and I would not tell anyone I should be playing - but I am ready if needed.

"It was very frustrating seeing what was happening, because we'd missed three or four chances and you do wonder if it is going to be a day when they don't go in," he said. "But one thing we have is a lot of confidence that we could win, because at least we were creating a lot. We've got the quality in the side to do that."

In the fan voting, Benayoun garnered 1,427 votes, Fernando Torres was second with 288, and Javier Mascherano third with 212.