Singer Shmulik Kraus Ordered to Undergo Psychiatric Testing

Singer Shmulik Kraus, who was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of driving without a valid drivers license and of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, was yesterday ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial.

Kraus was caught behind the wheel by traffic police in Jaffa on Sunday, despite the fact that he was handed a suspended sentence for the same offense just two weeks ago. At yesterday's hearing police claimed that Kraus is a "time bomb, endangering other drivers and pedestrians."

The prosecution claimed that Kraus failed a competence test administered by the arresting officer, and asked the presiding judge at the Tel Aviv traffic court, Meir Drori, to remand the singer in custody until the end of proceedings against him.

Drori, however, concurred with defense arguments that Kraus should be hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation, and ordered his brother to deposit NIS 5,000 bail.

At the preliminary hearing on Sunday, the prosecutor in the case, attorney Helena Krasiletzky, told the court that Kraus' drivers license expired in 1986, and that he had been convicted of driving without proper documentation no less than 12 times.