Singer Arrested for Driving Without a License

Police on Jaffa's Jerusalem Boulevard arrested musician Shmulik Kraus yesterday, after he was caught driving, despite the fact that he is currently serving a suspended sentence for driving without a license and causing an accident.

Kraus has not held a valid drivers license for the past 17 years.

The 68-year-old singer appeared yesterday at the Tel Aviv traffic court, where prosecutors asked that he be remanded until the end of proceedings against him.

Kraus is being charged with driving under the influence of tranquilizers, which police claim he took prior to entering his vehicle.

Police sources say that Kraus, who did not speak during the 30-minute hearing, was suffering from "instability and physical control, drowsy behavior and impaired reactions."

The prosecutor in the case, attorney Helena Krasiletzky, told the court that Kraus' drivers license expired in 1986, and that he had been convicted of driving without proper documentation no less than 12 times.

Kraus, argued Krasiletzky, had disgracefully ignored court orders and endangered the safety of others.

He had only recently been handed a three-month suspended sentence and been banned from driving for two years.

During the court hearing, the singer's son clashed with reporters and photographers.

One of Kraus' female relatives asked the presiding judge to have him hospitalized, as he is undergoing drug treatment.

The court ordered that Kraus be assigned a public defender and deferred a decision on remand until a further hearing today.

Kraus, who has been in the music business for almost four decades, shot to fame as a member of the High Windows, one of Israel's first pop groups, alongside Arik Einstein and Josie Katz.