Eyal Golan Accuses Ashkenazi Reporters of 'Dancing on His Blood'

Speaking out for first time since scandal, Israeli singer denies using drugs, giving them to girls or knowingly having sex with minors.

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Eyal Golan.
Eyal Golan.Credit: Aloni Mor

Speaking out for the first time since being questioned on suspicion of having sex with female minors, Eyal Golan again denied the allegations, and accused reporters of Ashkenazi origin of gloating at his ostensible downfall - "dancing on my blood," the website Ynet reported Thursday.

"Ashkenazis tore me to bits," the popular singer said in an interview to Yedioth Ahronoth. "I don't want to go there," said the singer, and did: "Most of the ones dancing by the blood weren't Mizrahis. Ashkenazis in the media defended me less, to put it mildly."

Driving home his point, Golan accused the Ashkenazi reporters of having a quicker trigger-finger.

He also categorically denied having "anything" with minors, and claims that one girl was told to lie about her age because otherwise he wouldn't go near her. Golan also denied allegations that he gave drugs to girls and if anything, said his policy is anti-drugs. "If a girl says to me, we'll have great sex and take a pill, I say to her, 'You can have a pill, but only Neurofen or Advil.'"

On allegations that his father pimped girls for him, Golan did admit in the interview that his father had come to visit once with two girls in tow, and he had wound up receiving oral sex from with one in the living room while the father "went to the porch" with the other. He also agreed with the Yedioth reporter that the incident had been revolting and said he regretted it, and wouldn't do it again, but he's only human.

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