Shin Bet Suspects Jewish Terrorist Behind More Murders

West Bank settler has already confessed to murdering two Palestinians, planting explosives.

Security forces investigating suspected Jewish terrorist Yaakov (Jack) Teitel, believe he may have committed a number of murders in addition to those he admitted in his interrogation.

Teitel, 36, of the West Bank settlement Shvut Rachel, allegedly planted several explosives and murdered two Palestinians. The Shin Bet security service is trying to prove he was behind other unsolved murder cases in Jerusalem and the West Bank, although he has denied them.

The Shin Bet and police are also trying to link Teitel to the terror attack on the Tel Aviv gay center Bar Noar, although his alibi for that night was checked and found solid. Security forces suspect he is covering for another person whom he sent to carry out the attack.

Investigators believe Teitel, whose command of Hebrew is limited, had an accomplice who helped him write hate notices in Hebrew, without knowing of Teitel's widespread terrorist activity.

Teitel, who is undergoing psychiatric examination, will be brought to court Wednesday for the extension of his remand.

Teitel's attorney Adi Keidar said his client told him that half a year ago he had been called in by the Shin Bet for a warning. The Shin Bet sometimes warns people who are considered potentially dangerous that they are under surveillance, in hopes of deterring them.

Teitel was arrested three weeks ago on suspicion of murder and involvement in several murder and bomb plots.

Teitel's wife Rivka refuses to speak, even to relatives, until she sees him again and discusses the situation with him.

"All she's interested in is taking care of their four little children. It is not simple. She doesn't think about other things. This story may be new to the public but we've been dealing with it for a month already," Teitel's brother-in-law and neighbor Moshe Avitan said Monday.