Shalits Fear Gilad's Fate Disappearing From Public Eye

The parents of abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, Noam and Aviva Shalit, met yesterday morning with the chief Israeli negotiator for their son's release, Hagai Hadas, at Defense Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv.

Noam Shalit told Haaretz before the meeting that the get-together was another in the continuing series to update the family. "We will ask for clarification on the negotiations and on the reports in recent days," he said.

Many activists working on the behalf of freeing Gilad Shalit are calling to renew and intensify the public struggle for his release, said Noam Shalit. The activists fear the matter is disappearing from the public consciousness.

Shimshon Libman, one of the leaders of the free Gilad Shalit campaign, said after the meeting that what particularly worries him is the report in German newspaper Der Spiegel that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had restrained Hadas and retreated from issues Hadas had already agreed to. However, Libman said he was privy to the details of the negotiations.