Seven Arrested After Two Men Killed in Fights; Police Officer Hurt in Hit-and-run

Two people died on Friday night in two different violent incidents in the north of the country, while a police officer was hospitalized after being hit by a motorcycle in Bat Yam yesterday.

The body of Shahar Amar, 20, from Nesher, was found om Komemiyut Street in the town with an injury to the head but no other signs of violence. Two brothers were arrested in connection to Amar's death, one brought in by police investigating the incident while the other turned himself in.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident began very early Friday morning, at a club in one of Haifa's bayside suburbs. The brothers broke up a fight between a neighbor of theirs and her boyfriend and then drove her to their home, so that she could wash their face before going home. The brothers told police that while escorting her home they ran into the boyfriend and Amar, a friend of his, and the four young men got into an argument that turned violent.

Police believe Amar attacked the brothers with rocks and that one of the brothers then threw the rock that hit Amar in the head, killing him.

The brothers' attorney called the incident "tragic" and said the facts will prove his clients are not connected to Amar's death.

In the second fatal incident, Muhammad Shalabi, 21, from the village of Sulam, near Afula, was stabbed to death in a brawl on Arlosoroff Street in Afula. Five suspects were arrested in connection to the incident.

Yesterday afternoon a police officer suffered serious injuries when a motorcycle failed to stop at a police roadblock on Hagiborim Street in Bat Yam. The officer suffered injuries to his shoulder and head. He was admitted to Sheba Hospital at Tel Hashomer, and last night his injuries were described as moderate.