Settler Leader's Son Charged With Beating and Kidnapping Palestinian Youth

Shiloh resident Tzvi Struk allegedly assaulted minor until he lost consciousness, then tied him up.

The Jerusalem District Court indicted a West Bank settler Monday on charges of kidnapping and assaulting a Palestinian minor.

The settler, Tzvi Struk, a resident of the West Bank settlement of Shiloh, allegedly beat a young Palestinian man until he lost consciousness. Struk then allegedly tied him up and forcibly removed his clothing. When the Palestinian regained consciousness, he was forced to hitchhike home naked.

Struk, 26, is the son of Hebron settlement spokesperson Orit Struk. Prosecutors say he and another unidentified individual were driving in an all-terrain vehicle when they approached three young Palestinians somewhere between the village of Kfar Kusra and the "Esh Kodesh" outpost.

One of the Palestinian youths ran to his friends, urging them to flee before allegedly being chased down by Struk and his friend.

After getting out of the vehicle, Struk's friend allegedly shot his firearm in an unknown direction.

The Palestinian youth froze on the spot and put his hands in the air. At this point, Struk allegedly beat him.

According to the indictment, Struk kicked him, knocked him down and slammed his head on the ground. He allegedly continued punching him in the back and head before pursuing the youth's friend.

While Struk was chasing the other youngsters, his friend allegedly beat the Palestinian minor with his weapon.

He then ripped off the young boy's shirt and used it to blindfold him, all the while continuing with his assault.

By this time, Struk had returned from his chase of the other minor and is alleged to have rejoined the beating.

Struk and his friend are then said to have dragged the unconscious youth into their vehicle and driven away.

After regaining consciousness, the youth was allegedly beaten again, bound, and stripped of his clothes.

Having been abandoned in an open field, he was forced to walk naked along the highway near Duma Junction. Soon after, he was driven by a passerby to his family in Kfar Kusra.