Senior Detective: 'If Little Rose Were Alive, We Should Have Found a Clue by Now'

The search for Rose, missing for the past three months, has been ongoing around the clock for the past two weeks, with the public being kept in the dark by a severe gag order imposed on the media.

Since the courts permitted the release of the news that Rose was missing, the investigators have been eagerly awaiting any piece of information about her whereabouts. "If she was alive I believe we would have succeeded in finding clues and hearing something. After all, this is a four-year-old girl who someone is meant to care for or know about. So, if we have not heard a thing to date I am beginning to be pessimistic," said a senior detective in the police Central District during the search for the girl last week.

Following the release of the news of the girl's disappearance Sunday, the detectives had hoped that people would be able to offer minor pieces of information regarding her possible whereabouts or the circumstances of her disappearance.

The police phone center received over 100 calls from citizens. "Not one of the calls helped the investigation in the case move forward," a police source said yesterday.

"Most of the calls we received dealt with requests from civilians to participate in the search for Rose and to assist the police. These are good, concerned citizens, who asked to contribute to the effort," the source added.

Yesterday afternoon, the search for Rose involving dozens of investigators and volunteers resumed. The detectives carried out a series of checks, some based on intelligence leads.

"There is serious concern for the life of the child," a police source said yesterday. "There are still many other parts to this investigation that are not yet completed."

The first briefing on the disappearence to the dozens of detectives involved in the case was held last week, and it was the hardest of them all. "This is the girl we are looking for," the detectives were told as a photograph of Rose was screened on a blank wall. "For the slight chance that we might be able to find her, we should do everything possible," a senior officer told them.

In spite of their work load, when fear that the girl's life may be in danger, everyone left their case files and rallied to the search, said police sources.

The police sources stressed yesterday that there has been no flaw in the way the detectives have conducted themselves, even though the girl has been missing for three months. The police argue that they received news of her disappearence only two weeks ago, and the moment details of the case emerged a gag order was imposed and a thorough investigation began.

The police are also aware of the many questions that emerged when news of the missing girl was received, however they asked for patience because of the complex and sensitive nature of the investigation.

On Sunday, the police asked that anyone with information on the whereabouts of Rose contact the police Central District's investigation unit at the following telephones: 08-9279466, 08-9279575.

Meanwhile, the girl's neighbors expressed grave concern for her yesterday. "It is terrible that a girl like her disappeared this way, and no one knows anything about her for three months," said Yael, a neighbor living in a nearby apartment building.

Rose's great-grandmother said that she was a wonderful girl, and very well behaved. She added that Rose used to spend a lot of time with her, and that they had very close ties. She also said that until her disappearance, Rose was happy and calm, and loved to play with the neighbors' children, to draw and sing.