Security Council Calls for Two States

The UN Security Council issued a presidential statement this week supporting the two-state solution as the foundation of a Middle East peace agreement.

American ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said the fact that the meeting was attended by council members' foreign ministers underscored the importance the international community attaches to a secure, lasting and comprehensive peace. The United States has revitalized its efforts to make that vision a reality, Rice added, and President Barack Obama is personally committed to these efforts and will lead them himself.

Rice noted that both the Palestinians and Israel have also committed to this goal, via the road map peace plan and the Annapolis declaration.

In the presidential statement read out by council president Sergey V. Lavrov of the Russian Federation, the council urged the parties "to fulfill their obligations under the road map, refraining from any steps that could undermine confidence or prejudice the outcome of negotiations on all core issues."