Security Cameras Capture Dozens of Jewish Teens Assaulting Arab in J'lem

Dozens of Jewish teenagers assaulted two Arab teens near a mall in Jerusalem's Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood in an unprovoked attack on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day. Haaretz has obtained footage of the attack caught on tape by the mall's security cameras.

An indictment was filed two weeks ago against 11 teenage suspects, eight of them minors. The boys allegedly responded to an ICQ message calling on those with "Jewish blood" to "put an end to all the Arabs hanging around" Pisgat Ze'ev. They gathered near the neighborhood mall armed with knives, sticks and clubs and brutally assaulted two Arab boys, 16 and 18, who were passing by on their way home to Shoafat refugee camp.

One of the victims, Ahmed Abu Kamal, escaped after being stabbed in the back, but his friend, as one suspect told police, became a "trampoline and punching bag."

The footage shows the Jewish boys waiting near the mall. At 10:48 P.M., the two Arabs walk by. After a brief conversation, one of them is thrown into the street, pushed to the safety railing and attacked.

The victim told police: "We were jumped by a group of more than 80 kids with clubs and knives in their hands and they attacked us. All I remember now is fainting and waking up in the hospital."

Abu Kamal is seen fleeing while chased by some of the teens. He described the attack: "As I passed the entrance to the mall plaza, a large group of boys was just standing around. I walked between them on the side of the road. I heard them say something like 'Is that them? Is that them?' and then someone stuck a knife in my back. They knocked me to the ground and continued beating me. One guy bit my ear."

The attackers flee after a car passes by. The unconscious victim lies by the road until evacuated by mall guards.

The Supreme Court decided Sunday to release all the defendants still in police custody to house arrest.