Securing the Buses

Israel Military Industries yesterday unveiled technology to protect buses against suicide bombers, including this turnstiled front door, as well as sensors, one-way exits, and a loudspeaker system so a driver can speak to those waiting at bus stops without opening the door. The innovations are meant both to prevent bombers from alighting and to minimize damage if an explosion takes place. The new system lets the driver block anyone he thinks is suspicious by hitting a red button to close a turnstile. Electronic gates also will be installed at the rear doors. A sheet of armor is also mounted on the front of the bus below the window to trap shrapnel if a bomber detonates an explosive right outside the bus. Five buses are to be fitted with the new technology in a pilot project over the next three weeks. If the pilot is considered a success, the technology will be installed on hundreds of buses at a cost of thousands of dollars per vehicle, according to Transportation Minister Avigodr Lieberman, who yesterday toured IMI plants in Ramat Hasharon, where the prototypes were designed and made.