Search Under Way for New Directors of Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV

The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and TV is looking for a new director and board chairman. But the chair of the Documentary Artists Forum, Naftali Gliksberg, who has recently been mentioned as being interested in the director's position, said yesterday that he does not intend to submit his candidacy.

"At this stage, I have my my hands full, and I don't see myself as a candidate for that position," Gliksberg said on Sunday.

However, he did not discount the possibility of changing his mind in the future.

Two people who are intending to run, though for the position of foundation chair, are director Yuli Cohen Gerstel and the chief producer of the Second Authority for Television and Radio, Yossi Mulla.

However, director Julie Schlez, who serves as director of documentaries at Channel 2 franchisee

Reshet and has been mentioned as another possibility for the position, has made it clear that she does not intend to submit her candidacy.

The foundation's current director general, David Fisher, who has held the post since 1999, is slated to leave his job at the end of June, along with chairman of the board David Mosevics, who is also completing his term of office.

According to Mosevics, a search committee consisting of three board members (himself, Eitan Haber and Rami Hadar) has been established to select a new chairman of the board within two or three months.

Once chosen, the new chair will join the three existing committee members in the search for a new director.

According to Mosevics, the goal is to find a chairman who will take up the reins at the beginning of June.

Fisher, who has recently submitted his candidacy to head Channel 1, made it clear yesterday that he does not intend to intervene in the selection of his successor at the foundation.

Mosevics noted that the foundation's management is currently awaiting a legal opinion that will determine whether the next director should be selected in a closed tender, as in the past, or via an open tender.

Such an open tender would enable all interested parties to present their candidacies.