Sderot Will Celebrate, in Spite of Everything

The Independence Day celebrations in Sderot will be carried out in spite of the security threats. A stage will be set up for performances, and the celebrations will also include a fireworks display. "Sderot needs to celebrate," said Mayor Eli Moyal last night. "This is our answer to terrorism. We will not hold back the celebrations in the city; it is important that they be held." However, Moyal said, "In case there are rockets, we will make our decisions with the IDF. For now I hope that it will be quiet." Last week, Batya Keter, a resident of Sderot, called on Israelis not to celebrate Independence Day because rockets from the Gaza Strip continued to strike Sderot and the surrounding areas. "It is hard to live in Sderot, but when I look at the overall picture, we deserve to celebrate 60 years of independence," Moyal said.