Scouts Were Told Camp Was Closed Due to Theft

Boys in Israel Scouts in Tel Aviv urinate on each other and insert fingers into each other's rectums, says a boy who took part in a Scouts training course camp. He described the behavior to Haaretz yesterday.

The Afula police is investigating allegations of rape and indecent acts during the course, which was held by the Tel Aviv Scouts in the Hazorea forest last week.

The investigation was launched following participants' complaints that counselors raped them and forcibly committed indecent acts.

The teens said they were assaulted, and that one instructor poured urine on a teenage girl's mattress.

The complaints were made to the instructors, one of whom made the sole complaint that has reached the police.

A boy who took part in the course told Haaretz that Hanassi troop members used to urinate on each other, and the Aviv troop used to stick fingers up each other's rectum.

"The Aviv and Hanassi troops shared a shower. They agreed to urinate on each other but not to stick fingers," the boy said.

"But a boy from the Aviv troop got annoyed and stuck a finger into the rectum of a boy from Hanassi troop," .

He said the course, which was attended by the entire Tel Aviv Scouts leadership, was stopped ahead of schedule.

"They told us that about 100 cadets and instructors had things stolen from them - mainly mobile phones and money - so they were closing the camp and returning home early," he said.