Israeli Hospital Testing Testicle-zapping Cure for Infertility in Men

Hand-held device reportedly increased sperm count concentrations during animal trials and hopes to offer non-invasive, painless solution to a low sperm count.

© Hojo | - Sperm Going For The Egg Photo

A hand-held electrocuting contraption that's giving men hope is now being tested on human patients at Israel's Sheba Medical Center after a successful study on animals, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

The device, dubbed the Micro 400 Matrix, reportedly increased sperm count in the animal subjects by 200 to 1,600 percent, giving hope that a non-invasive solution for men with a low sperm count has been found. 

The method by which the Matrix achieved such results however, may not be so welcome. 

With a quick zap, the Matrix releases a moderate pulse of electricity with a positive charge into the testicles, countering the sperm's natural negative charge. Luckily for potential patients, the amount of electricity released is said to be "below sensation levels," and therefore, painless.

Planned human trials will involve 10 men lacking a measurable level of sperm in their semen. The subjects will use the device daily for entire year, hopefully enabling them to naturally impregnate their partners.