Sa'ar Looking for Way to Avoid Education Budget Cut

Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar is trying to find a way around a NIS 500 million budget cut set in prior cabinet decisions.

"We cannot finance the cut," a senior Education Ministry official said.

"We will not be able to manage the education system under those conditions."

The budgetary slash is due in part to cabinet decisions that were postponed, as well as former education minister Yuli Tamir's undertaking to finance a NIS 1 billion education reform over several years.

The reform includes financing teachers' training courses and additional study programs for teachers who lack degrees.

In addition, the ministry is required to take part in financing increased enrollment, an expense the Finance Ministry had covered until now.

Sa'ar yesterday taught a 10th-grade class at Tel Aviv's Ironi Tet High School, as part of his plan to teach at a different school every week for the school year.

The lesson was on Herzl and Zionist history.

"I enjoyed myself and heard the pupils had a good time too," he said. "I recommended to the students that they read Herzl's books, not just learn about him in class."