Rose's Murder / Four Generations and Two Countries

Behind Rose Pizem's disappearance lies a complex family saga that spans four generations and two countries. The problems did not begin when her mother, Marie-Charlotte Renault, fell in love with Rose's paternal grandfather, Ronny Ron. It turns out that Ronny had never before even met his son Benjamin, Rose's father.

Ronny met Benjamin's mother, Bette Pizem, in 1984, while Bette, a French Jew, was visiting Israel. The two had an affair and she became pregnant, but shortly afterward she returned to France.

Benjamin was born in 1985 and grew up with his mother in France. That is where, as a teenager, he met Marie, and they had an affair. In late 2003, when Marie, who was also still a teenager, was nine months pregnant, they got married. Rose was born soon afterward.

Bette then decided that her son ought to meet his father. She contacted Ronny, who made contact with Benjamin and invited him and his family to Israel. In August 2004, the Pizems arrived and stayed with Ronny in his Modi'in apartment. They wound up staying for months - far longer than they had originally planned.

The following April, Benjamin discovered that Marie and Ronny were having an affair. Furious, he decided that he and Rose would return to France immediately. Marie refused to accompany them.