Room- To-room Combat in the Knesset

A fierce fight is raging in the Knesset over the question of whether Likud can hold its caucus meetings in Kadima's conference room. Kadima's room is the largest.

Likud increased from 12 to 27 seats and its old room is too small to hold the hordes of new MKs.

The first time, Likud asked for Kadima's room, caucus head MK Yoel Hasson agreed, but yesterday he said no and Likud met in the cabinet's conference room in the Knesset. "Kadima was always good at small, petty politics," a Likud official said yesterday.

A Kadima official said the first Likud meeting occurred when the Knesset was filled with Central Elections Committee people, so Kadima was considerate.

Now it is clear, however, that Likud wants the biggest caucus room even though Kadima has more MKs. "They're disingenuous," he said. "There are a million rooms in the Knesset but they want the biggest."

Both parties will receive more spacious accommodations in the future.