Ronny Ron Admits to Killing Granddaughter Rose Pizem

Ronny Ron yesterday confessed to killing his granddaughter, Rose Pizem, last summer, but said her death was accidental.

The police conducted a massive search for the missing 4-year-old, whose body eventually was found in the Yarkon River in September, and the case drew enormous media coverage.

Ron made the confession through his attorney in the Petah Tikva District Court.

The prosecution has been having difficulty determining the role that Marie-Charlotte Renault, Rose's mother and Ron's partner, played in her daughter's death. Renault's attorney asked the court to dismiss the charges against his client, while the prosecutor admitted to the court, "We don't know whether [Renault] physically killed the child."

The indictment, which was issued in September, states that Ron, Renault or both premeditated Rose's murder, taking a suitcase to dump the body and killing the child in an unknown manner and location. Rose was put in the suitcase - either dead or alive - and Ron threw the suitcase into the Yarkon River.

The judges recommended Renault's attorney wait until after the state presents all of its evidence before deciding on a response to the indictment. The evidence phase of the trial is scheduled to start on May 10.