Rivlin Planning to Slam High Court, and Bills Against It

Knesset Speaker to blame 'murky wave of bills and laws aimed against the Supreme Court' on 'historical pendulum of the legislative revolution.'

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin is planning a fiery speech Monday, harshly criticizing the Supreme Court, as well as the bills intended to curb its powers.

Rivlin, due to speak Monday at a conference marking the 20th anniversary of the acceptance of the Basic Laws, plans to say that "we're witnessing a murky wave of bills and laws aimed against the Supreme Court, but these actions are a bad reaction to the historical pendulum of the legislative revolution.

Reuven Rivlin - Ilan Assayag - 08112011
Ilan Assayag

"I fear the the activism of the Supreme Court, whether justified or not, but definitely far-reaching, has made huge segments of the Israeli public see it as politicized ... The Supreme Court sent its long arms into the deepest disagreements of Israeli society, without having the public agree to it. I fear that the Supreme Court's rulings appropriated terms such as 'human rights' to one political side."