Rightist Group Warns Against Talks on J'lem

Ahead of the Annapolis summit, a local right-wing organization has launched a campaign against negotiating the status of Jerusalem. One Jerusalem is led by former cabinet minister Natan Sharansky. At a press conference yesterday the group presented the results of a public opinion poll, according to which 76.5 percent of Israelis oppose handing over the Old City, the Temple Mount and the city's Arab neighborhoods even in exchange for a permanent settlement with the Palestinians and a declaration of an end to the conflict with the Arab world.

The campaign will include tours of Jerusalem, various events and videos on the One Jerusalem Web site warning of the dangers of transferring control of the capital's Arab areas to Palestinian control.

"We'll bring tens of thousands of people to Jerusalem so they can feel through their feet the inability of speaking about conceding the Arab neighborhoods," One Jerusalem CEO Yehiel Leiter said.

Yesterday the organization gave out yellow ribbons at intersections in Jerusalem, coinciding with a national radio campaign bearing the group's message. The organization was established eight years ago and is funded mainly by Jews living overseas. In 2001, it mounted a similar campaign against dividing the capital.