Rightist Convicted of Incitement, Acquitted on 24 Other Charges

Radical right-wing activist Noam Federman was yesterday convicted of incitement to racism, violence and terror, but was acquitted on 24 other incitement charges.

Federman was indicted last month on 25 counts of incitement and insulting civil servants. Twenty-three of the charges were for things Federman said during his Web radio broadcast.

The last two charges relate to things Federman said during interviews with Haim Yavin on the documentary series "The Land of the Settlers," and with Gil Riva on the program "Limousine."

The conviction was for his "Limousine" comments, which included: "Some lunatics say we can coexist with the Arabs. Some say I could coexist with cancer ... what's a good Arab? An Arab who hasn't murdered Jews? It's hard to find any of those today."

Jerusalem Magistrate's Court Judge Rivka Friedman-Feldman wrote "the defendant uses the show to spread his racist views, i.e. with the intention of racial incitement." She said Feldman also incited to violence and terror, but acquitted him of incitement to rebellion.

In Yavin's documentary, Federman called to "take all the Arabs, put them on trucks and throw them out of here." He said in court that he did not know his statements would be broadcast.

But the judge said it was unlikely that the defendant spoke to the television camera believing he was having a "friendly chat" with the journalist.