Reshet Executive Attacked Outside Home

A senior executive at Channel 2's franchisee Reshet was attacked yesterday at around 8 P.M. near her Tel Aviv home. Police believe the victim, Reshet's deputy director for content, Shira Margalit, 40, may have been the target of an attempted robbery, although other possibilities are also under investigation. Margalit was slightly injured in the attack.

Police said a man was seen getting out of a parked car and striking Margalit in the face as she was about to enter her house with her son. Margalit's partner, advertising executive Ilan Shiloah, came out of the house when he heard her screams and chased off the attacker, who fled in a car without taking anything.

Shiloah called the police, who began canvassing the family's north Tel Aviv neighborhood of Zahala.

Margalit, who is the daughter of journalist Dan Margalit, took herself to Ichilov Hospital, where doctors decided to keep her overnight for tests. "We are shocked at the attack and are concerned for Margalit's well-being," Reshet said in a statement, adding that they expected the police to investigate swiftly, and to find out the identity and motives of the attacker.

Last November, an executive from Keshet, the other Channel 2 franchisee, was also attacked in the evening and slightly injured, while walking his dog near his Tel Aviv home. The probe into that incident focused on an investigative report the station had aired about the Gan Oranim events hall. Reshet said yesterday it was unaware of any sensitive investigation currently underway.