Republican Senators Warn Iran: Nuclear Deal Won't Outlast Obama's Presidency

More than 40 senators, including several potential 2016 candidates, threaten that future president could revoke any deal not approved by Congress.

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Sen. Ted Cruz, March 7, 2015.Credit: AP

Republican Senators are warning that any agreement U.S. President Barack Obama's administration reaches with Iran over its nuclear program may be annulled in the future.

In an open letter to Iran's leaders first reported by Bloomberg, a group of 47 Senators say that any agreement could be revoked by the next president if it is not approved by Congress.

“It has come to our attention while observing your nuclear negotiations with our government that you may not fully understand our constitutional system," the senators write.

"Anything not approved by Congress is a mere executive agreement The next president could revoke such an executive agreement with the stroke of a pen and future Congresses could modify the terms of the agreement at any time.”

The senators noted that Obama will leave office in January 2017, "while most of us will remain in office well beyond then."

Among the 47 signatories include potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

The White House later responded, calling the letter a "continuation of a partisan strategy" to undermine Obama's foreign policy strategy.

The letter "certainly interferes in that effort" of the United States and its international partners to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters in a briefing.