Report: Netanyahu Failed to Report All Campaign Contributions

Channel 10 news says 'internal document' compiled by Netanyahu's staff in 2005 shows several unreported contributions as well as those exceeding the $8,000 limit.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understated campaign contributions in a report he submitted to the State Comptroller's Office in 2005, Channel 10 news reported on Sunday night.

The station's news division claimed it has an "internal document" compiled by Netanyahu's staff showing promised contributions that exceed the $8,000 limit.

Benjamin Netanyahu at an April 2010 Likud meeting in Tel Aviv. Alon Ron
Alon Ron

A person named Moshe Ronen from Canada, for example, is listed as having given $8,000 three times. He is one of four people who allegedly promised to give Netanyahu $8,000 two or three times each.

Channel 10 reporter Raviv Drucker compared the list to the State Comptroller reports and determined that various members of Ronen's family made contributions to Netanyahu, each time under a different name.

Some of the names on the new list do not appear on Netanyahu's campaign finances report.

Attorney David Shimron, speaking on behalf of Netanyahu, told Channel 10 that donations exceeding the permitted amounts were returned, and that all of the contributions were legal.