Report: Michael Oren Set to Join Kahlon's New Party

The former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. is said to be joining Kulanu, Channel 2 reports.


Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren is joining Moshe Kahlon’s newly-formed political party Kulanu, Channel 2 News reported Friday.

The report on Channel 2, which didn’t disclose its source, explained that if Oren indeed joins Kulanu this would be surprising since Oren is considered to be close with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud party.

According to the same report, Moshe Karadi, a former general commissioner of the Israel Police and Itzik Alrov – a social activist and the man who initiated the cottage cheese boycott - are both in talks to join Kulanu too.

Kahlon. a former member of parliament and minister for the Likud formally applied for recognition of his new political party on Thursday. According to documents submitted to the Justice Ministry’s Registrar of Political Parties Unit as part of the application, Kahlon is to head the new Kulanu party — the name is Hebrew for “all of us” — in the next two general elections and will be its candidate for prime minister.

The next election is scheduled for March 17, after early elections were called this month.