Rehovot Mother Allegedly Raped by Masked Intruder in Front of Her Kids

Rehovot police were searching yesterday for a man who allegedly broke into a woman's apartment and raped her in front of her children.

The 33-year-woman called police after the suspect, who was masked, allegedly fled her apartment following the rape.

Police believe the suspect broke into the woman's third floor apartment through an open window during the night, and entered her bedroom. He allegedly beat, threatened and raped the woman.

The victim told investigators that her children, aged 4 and 6, awoke from the noise and entered her bedroom in the middle of the attack. She said the rapist then threatened the children and ordered them to return to their bedroom.

The woman told police that she could not identify the rapist because he was wearing a mask.

Police sources told Haaretz that the suspect appears to have known the woman and came to her apartment with the intent of raping her. After the rape, the suspect allegedly took some money from the woman's apartment.

"This is a brutal rape that took place with the victim's children in the adjacent room. This in itself indicates the suspect is highly dangerous," a senior officer said yesterday.

In another development, the Tel Aviv police are looking for a man who allegedly raped a woman in the city's bus terminal on Friday morning.

The woman, who works at the terminal, was allegedly attacked from behind when she tried to open a gate on the terminal premises.

She said the suspect dragged her to an alley, undressed her, raped her and fled. Shortly afterward police arrested a suspect on the basis of the woman's description, but she failed to identify him in a line-up and he was released.

Police are also inquiring whether the man knew the complainant or was familiar with her daily routine.