Rare Summer Rain Soaks North, Center

Residents of the north and center of the country, who had already said good-bye to the rainy season, were greeted yesterday morning with showers that briefly doused areas from the Western Galilee to the Dan region.

Although there were some reports of heavy downpours, measurements conducted by the Meteo-Tech weather forecasting service revealed fairly modest precipitation, amounting to only a few millimeters.

However, because of the localized nature of the showers some areas without rain gauge stations may have seen greater amounts than others.

Yesterday's rainfall was the third last week. The most impressive of the three occurred last weekend in the Hula Valley. Rainfall occurs in this season every few years, but this time it came relatively late and after the breaking of a sharav, a hot, dry spell, which is more typical of spring.

The rain was caused by cold air from Turkey and the Balkans that helped to break the sharav and reduced temperatures by as much as eight degrees Celsius in some places.

But summer, which officially started last week, will be back again this week. This morning will be cool, with the chance of a drizzle. Tel Aviv is expected to reach a high of 28 degrees Celsius, while Jerusalem could reach 26 degrees. The rest of the week will be increasingly warmer and more humid, especially along the coast, as can be expected with the approach of July.