Rare August Rain Drenches Sharon Area

Rain fell in several areas of Israel yesterday, an anomaly for the dry month of August that likely symbolizes the summer's unusual weather pattern. The uncharacteristic showers are expected to continue in parts of the country tomorrow.

The western Sharon and Western Galilee regions experienced the most serious rainfall yesterday. In areas such as Netanya and Ra'anana, measurable amounts of rain - one to three millimeters - were recorded.

Rainclouds merged as a result of a cold weather front that reached Israel from Europe. A similar cold front could return to Israel on Friday, and forecasters predict that raindrops could fall tomorrow in some areas of the country. Yet temperatures will rise over the weekend, reaching levels characteristic of early September in Israel.

Tallies for August 2011 indicate that this was the coolest August month recorded in Israel over the past decade. Compared with the past three decades, August 2011 was significantly cooler in internal areas of Israel, but warmer than average in coastal regions.

Cool temperatures during August 2011 contrast sharply with the blistering heat waves that struck Israel in August 2010.

During August 2011, average temperatures ranged from 2 to 4 degrees cooler than the averages for August 2010.

Experts point out that there were two other incidents of rainfall in August 2011, concentrated in the same areas as yesterday's primary rainfall. In 2006 and 2008, even greater rainfall was recorded during the August months.